Friday, May 22, 2009

A Lesson from Someone Else's Job

Last night I attended my little Brother's last Band concert of his high school career. I suppose Bobby is not so little anyone as he is about to graduate from Assabet Valley Regional Technical High school with a concentration in plumbing (WAY TO GO BOBBY!). Bob and all of the students in the show put on a great performance. While I listened the the music, and the senior awards being given out, I began to realize how much these kids have really learned through the music program over the last four years. They learned to stick with something and not quit even though it was something that they didn't have to do. They learned to practice and get better at a craft that was most likely ear piercing when they began (I know from experience) and they learned to work together to create something powerful and beautiful and worth traveling an hour and fifteen minutes down route 9 during rush hour to come see.

It is no wonder than at the end of the show, their music teacher, Mr. John Russo, told the students of how much he has learned from them. As much as he has learned from them, I am sure the students have learned from him. This is a man who truly seemed to be putting on a one man act, serving as the lighting tech, the stage crew and the conductor all at once. As he ran around the stage and joked causally with the audience it was clear that he was fully enjoying his job. I am sure that faith in adults is restored to those kids every time Mr. Russo shows up to work and teaches them something new and goes above and beyond his job description just to help them out. I am sure that those kids have learned the power of loving what you do and the sacrafices that have to be made in order to do that.

Likewise, I am sure faith in the youth is restored to Mr. Russo every time those kids show up for practice or for their concerts. I am sure that he is taught everyday about commitment and perseverance every time one of those kids struggles with a difficult song and proves that they have overcome that struggle by putting on a great show.

I have watched my little brother's concerts every year and am always astounded at how much better he gets at each show, how committed he is to sticking with the music program and how much he seems to appreciate Mr. Russo. Thank you Mr. Russo for teaching my brother about hard work, commitment and appreciation, I am sure he will always remember it.

Stick to something and see it through until you have made an impact.
Every job has the space for impact.

That was the lesson I learned yesterday, today I learned that working in an office the day before Memorial Day weekend is very slow...Have a great weekend everyone!

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