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Hello and Welcome to "Learning on the Job."

As many people in the work force know, even though the lessons of school are valuable, the lessons you learn on the job are priceless. I am a Babson College student with quite the summer ahead of me. I will be spending the next few months hopping from one non-profit to the next in the New England area through my participation in the Babson College SummCorps Program.

SummerCorps is a program for work-study eligible undergraduates who wish to dedicate their summer to community service. Students are paid an hourly wage and given housing as incentive to do the program (no I am not pure hearted saint, I am a poor college student just like most of my peers). Each week seven students will go to a new not for profit organization and do whatever is needed to help out. (Below is a full list of what SummerCorps expects to do this year)

Through the course of the summer I will be posting a daily summary of all of the adventures me and the summercorps group stumble upon. At times I may include other community service activities that I attend as well. From my creative driving skills all over New England to working with seafellows* I have no doubt that this experience will prove to be full of amusements and important lessons. I intend to learn as much as I can on the job and have a good time (most of the time) while I am doing it.

Tomorrow's Adventure:
Cradles to Crayons with Nicole - Stay Tuned!

Here is a list of Organizations that SummerCorps will be attending this year

Babson Campus Tag Sale (June 8-12, 9:30-4PM): Volunteers will be doing inventory, sorting and creating a shopping list for the thrift store which will open in the fall.

Camp Sunshine (June 14-19): 10am start Sunday morning: Camp Sunshine volunteers provide respite, support, joy and hope to children with life-threatening illnesses and their immediate families through various stages of a child’s illness.

Seafarer's Friend (June 22-26, 9:30-3:30): Seafarer’s Friend is a mission to support the seafarers who come to the port of Boston onboard vessels that bring 95% of the cargo and goods that are used in the region. Seafarers are mostly from “third world” nations, and are away at sea for 4-18 months at a time, often unable to contact family for months at a time.

Babson Family Day (Saturday, June 27 8-3PM) Volunteers will do different service projects with incoming first years

Barton Road Program (June 29-July 1, 10-2PM):
The housing authority was an after school program during the academic year. Volunteers will be working with kids in the housing authority playing games, arts and crafts and other after school actives.

Friends of the Homeless (July 6-10, August 10-14, 10am-3pm): Volunteers provide emotional support, information, transportation, child care, meals, special projects and more to sheltered families.

Nativity School (July 13-17, 9-2:30PM) Volunteers will be working with students during summer sessions with tutoring, team-building exercises, and character development and leadership training.

Greater Boston Food Bank (July 20-24, 9:30-3:30)
Volunteers will inspect, sort and repack donated grocery products that are then distributed to hunger relief agencies. All volunteers are trained in food safety at the beginning of the shift.

Community Servings (July 27-31, August 3-7, 9:00-4PM on Friday’s 1PM-4PM):
Volunteers ensure that our meals are prepared, packaged and delivered to the homes of the individuals and families who need them most.

*Seafellows: An overarching word to describe any person who does any job while on the sea (created by Samantha Chipman - don't bother looking it up)

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