Monday, June 29, 2009

Fun and Games on Barton Road

Last week the SummerCorps ended out time at Seafarers' Friend. It was a challenging week and tension was high as we worked through the difficulties in creating a new website. We ended on a good note and completed a solid portion of the new site which will contain a calander, slide show, and updated information. We did not figure out how to create a message board but we are hope that Seafarers' Friend will find a IT volunteer soon to get them 100% on track.

After making the long haul to Chelsea everyday and learning all of the creative ways that the GPS could find to get us there we were all very happy to only travel a 5 minute drive to the Wellesley, MA Housing Authority Community Center on Barton Road. This community center is close to my heart because I have been going there for the past two years helping with homework and after school games. It was great to see some old faces today and reconnect with the kids. At first we did not have any antendees but after walking around the neighborhood and making our presence known, kids started to show up. I am looking forward to tomorrow and hope that more kids will come.

Lesson of the Day: Even if you bring it, doesn't mean they will come. The people you are reaching out to aren't always going to come running, most often you are going to have to get out and find them. So start looking!

On a personal note...good luck Uncle Jim, I will be thinking of you!!!!

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