Monday, June 22, 2009

Seafarer or Sea Fellow?

All aboard the Bernon Van!

Destination: Seafarer's Friends in Chelsea, MA.

The Organization Break Down:

Seafarer's Friends is a non-profit organization that provides transportation, communication to families and someone to talk to for all of the men aboard ships that port in Boston, Portland and Portsmouth. Many of these men have been out at sea away from their families anywhere from a few months to a year. Chaplains that run the SeaFarer's Friends program are able to provide services of convienence such as a ride to the nearest grocery store or shopping mall as well as conversation and stress releif for the many difficult situations that Seafarers go through, such as seperation from loved ones, lack of communication to home, fear or encounters to pirates and many more frightenting or stressful unknowns of the sea.

To shake things up a bit Shu Yang will be describing his view on how our day went:

My name is Shu Yang. I am a member of Babson College SummerCorps. I, Samantha, Tinu, and Amy Z. worked with an Christain Affilated Organization named Seafarer's Friend. Seafarer's Friend is an organization hresponsible for fufilling seamen's spiritual needs and doing tasks such as selling phone cards and sim cards to the ship crew. Amy and I boarded a ship while the Tinu and Samantha took a tour with an habor tour with a Seafarer's Friend's employee went by the first name Henry. The crew memebrs on board consisted mostly Philopinos and two Greekmen. They seemed very Friendly. I helped a Seafarer's employee Bryan selling phone cards and sim cards to the some of the crew. The day ended by the Babson College Summer Corpse members trying to help set up a website for Seafarer's Friend.

Thanks Shu! Hopefully today will be just as interesting!

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