Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mold, Dust and Team Building

Day Two of the SummerCorps is over and Tinu, Shu , Martika (new to the group) and I have now endured a healthy dose of mold accompanied with a healthy dose of windex. Yes, today was the day we cleaned all of the donated items I was talking about yesterday.

Our ammunition: 2 bottles of windex and 6 rolls of paper towels
Our Target: The lamps, mini fridges, TVs, cups, knife sets, furniture and all the other donations that the students of Babson College gave to the first ever Babson Consignment project.

Did it smell? Yes. Was it sticky? Yes. Did we build some muscle scrubbing? Absolutly. Luckily this team is comprised of some pretty awesome people that did not complain once and were scrubbing and scraping with smiles. Nothing brings a group of strangers closer than the smell of rotten milk and dingy basement.

In all seriousness, the day was a great way to burn some calories and get to know most of the the other members of the SummerCorps (3 more members will be arriving in a few weeks). I can tell that if the group isn't complaining about scrubbing and scraping they are certainly going to be all in on our future assignments.

Tomorrow we are looking forward to putting down our latex gloves and busting out the excel spreasheets to documents all these treasures.

Until Next Time: Scrape, Scrape, Scrape, Wash, Wash, Wash

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