Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tagging and Excel

Day Three on the Babson Consignment Project proved to be more thought provoking than previous days. Sorry for not blogging about it yesterday, living life is always more important that blogging about I right! Anyways, Tinu, Shu and I took on the task of documenting all 160 items donated to the Babson Consignment store. We made an excel spreadsheet and broke the items into groups, TVs, mini fridges, Furniture etc... after going through the entire room and documenting all of the items, we realized that we also needed to give them a we went back through one more time. Oh the life of SummerCorps. In the end we learned a few lessons about doing monotonous work as a team, here are the lessons:
  • One person has to speak at a time
  • Speak loudly and clearly
  • Always work from the top left to the bottom right (ALWAYS)
  • Never hurts to go over the work you did again
  • Ten minute breaks every hour are a must

We worked hard yesterday, even though the work wasn't that exciting we winded down with some palm reading by Shu and jammed out to some sweet salsa music. Looks like this project is coming along quite nicely.

Next Up: TV moving and Picture Taking (Its a good one!)

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